Ozone is a safe and sustainable sanitizer/disinfectant utilized for direct food contact and no-rinse sanitation for food contact and non-food contact surfaces in either its aqueous or gaseous form. During processing, ozone can be used as a continuous antimicrobial aqueous spray on food, while simultaneously sanitizing surfaces such as conveyor belts, resulting in extremely clean process lines and extended run times; significantly reducing downtime for cleaning and sanitizing.

Safe & Effective Oxidizer

Ozone is a strong antimicrobial oxidizer that can be applied to any food product, food contact surface and non-food contact surface. It can replace or enhance traditional chemical or thermal methods. Ozone kills all known microorganisms, and it eliminates the need to rotate sanitizers because microorganisms can’t build a tolerance to it. In use commercially for drinking water purification and wastewater treatment for over 100 years, ozone is generated and used on-site, leaving no residual. Well understood and easily managed, ozone provides effective sanitation that is safe for operators, equipment and food products.


Ozone is Approved

Ozone is an FDA, USDA and USDA-Organic approved antimicrobial food additive. These agencies also recognize its efficacy for surface sanitation in all areas of food processing, including CIP (Clean in Place)/SIP Sanitize in Place). In addition, third-party studies and hundreds of food processors have further validated its efficacy as equal or superior to traditional sanitation.

Reduce Cost

Ozone is dissolved in cold water or used in its gaseous form. It requires no rinsing, and is a powerful antimicrobial oxidizer. Traditional sanitation steps can be enhanced or reduced, saving money on energy, water, disposal, labor, and time, while improving food safety.