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DEL Ozone is an innovative, industry-leading ozone manufacturing company based in San Luis Obispo, California. With more than 30 years experience in ozone engineering and application knowledge, DEL is uniquely qualified to be your ozone partner for multiple antimicrobial ozone applications and products. Backed by unmatched customer support and designed by world-class engineers, every DEL Ozone system is manufactured and tested to maximize reliability and performance.

Since 1998 DEL has supplied food safety ozone technology to food processors in the US and locations around the world. DEL food safety solutions offer food processors a cost-effective, antimicrobial alternative to traditional food safety approaches. With over fourteen years experience in ozone food sanitation alone, there’s no company more qualified to reduce your labor, energy usage, material costs and waste. All while improving food safety and ensuring compliance.

Highlights in DEL’s Development of Ozone Technology

DEL’s leadership in applied ozone technology has been expressed in many ways. Below are a few notable DEL milestones.

  • DEL is named in multiple ozone patents
  • DEL has produced and sold more than 2 million ozone systems worldwide.
  • DEL Ozone was the first ozone manufacturer with products validated and registered by NSF International’s Toxicology Group utilizing ozone for surface sanitation, water sanitation and worker safety
  • DEL was first to develop ozone systems and controls designed specifically for the food and beverage industries, with all necessary compliance listings
  • DEL sponsors and/or participates in on-going research by qualified and accredited third-party organizations and universities to identify and quantify ozone’s antimicrobial efficacy
  • A recent (2010-2011) study conducted by the Ohio State University, with co-funding by DEL and the USDA, evaluated ozone’s performance in Clean-in-Place (CIP) beverage applications
  • DEL corporate philosophy is to continuously refine ozone generation, management and control systems to provide the industry the most current technology at the best price


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We understand that in a complex food processing and marketing operation, food safety is a critical element. With DEL Ozone you have a partner in the continual effort to deliver the safest and highest quality food products while reducing operating costs. DEL helps to meet these goals, while improving efficiency and plant throughput. Contact DEL Ozone for custom ozone sanitation systems or to request a complimentary on-site survey.