DEL Food Safety Expertise

DEL was the first to develop and market ozone systems designed specifically for Food Safety applications, shortly after ozone’s original GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) Affirmation in 1998 (prior to the FDA’s final ruling in June of 2001). During these early years, DEL was instrumental in working closely with EPA, USDA, USDA-Organic and FDA to determine the best implementation of ozone in a variety of food processing applications.

DEL was the first and only ozone company to work with NSF International’s Toxicology and Laboratory Groups to acquire NSF Non-Food Compound – White Book Listings and to provide ANSI-accredited third-party validation of ozone systems, specifically for the efficacious and safe use of ozone in food production. These studies were in addition to multiple DEL-sponsored university food science studies, as well as in-field studies which resulted in successful ozone applications on a wide variety of operational food processes. 

These many years of ozone experience in food safety applications, make DEL uniquely qualified to provide food safety solutions for today’s forward thinking food processors who are looking for technically sound chemical alternatives or antimicrobial enhancements to their current HACCP plans.