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DEL Ozone designs and manufactures innovative sanitation systems from the simplest laboratory ozone generators to complex multi-tasking ozone-based sanitation systems with integrated controls. DEL manufactures a full line of technologically-advanced ozone food safety equipment designed for custom installations or simple “plug and play” applications. These innovative systems can be seamlessly incorporated in every existing or new food production or processing environment. DEL provides the food processor field-proven, high-tech ozone solutions, from the design phase through equipment implementation, operation, monitoring and ongoing in-plant services.


Product Engineering

DEL’s team of professional design and implementation engineers provide turnkey ozone food safety solutions. Each ozone system is tailored to the existing food processing operation. DEL systems are flexible to meet the conditions in every plant, from simple low flow mobile spray systems to installed and fully integrated spray, flume or immersion systems (low flow, high flow and variable flow) built into the processing line. Where precision-controlled gaseous ozone is called for, DEL ozone systems meet the safety and efficacy requirements for controlled access and non-controlled access environments. DEL can provide individual regionally located systems as well as complex centralized systems. All DEL ozone systems utilize integrated program, diagnostic and monitoring controls for real-time programming, auditing and long-term documentation.

DEL systems provide optimal ozone management for worker safety, antimicrobial efficacy, and the best reliability and durability in the industry. DEL products are built as systems, meaning that the entire sanitation process is precisely managed by design. Each step in the process depends on properly sized components and comprehensive monitor/control mechanisms, to deliver the exact amount of ozone safely and efficaciously.

Product Listings

DEL systems have been third-party validated and listed for antimicrobial efficacy and worker safety by NSF International under AOAC Methods sanctioned by the EPA’s OPP (Office of Pesticide Programs), FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act), DIS/TSS (Disinfection Technical Science Section).

All DEL systems comply with both antimicrobial efficacy and worker safety standards.

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