MAG 300/400/900


  • Wall-mount Hardware
  • Integrated Oxygen System
  • Fully Automated Control System
  • HMI Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Automated Proportionally Controlled Ozone Dose
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
  • OSHA Compliant
  • FDA, USDA & USDA-Organic Approved



Our Platinum ozone generators offer Advanced Ozone Technology that sets the standard for ozone integration into food processing operations. Platinum systems provide optimal ozone output with the best reliability and durability in the industry.

DEL Platinum Modified Atmosphere Systems provide controlled gaseous ozone doses for antimicrobial fumigant in cold storage and Controlled Atmosphere (C.A.) facilities. Systems are low profile and wall-mounted; available for any sized room or container. All systems utilize high-efficiency UV absorption ozone gas monitor/controllers for no-drift accuracy (NIST traceable calibration) with automated proportionally controlled ozone dose. Utility features includes Human Machine Interface (HMI) fully automated touch screen control panel, remote monitoring and control of system functionality and data logging, as well as diagnostics for system health.

The Safe Sustainable Sanitation™ logo recognizes companies who demonstrate commitment to exceptional food quality standards while maintaining sustainable practices. Reduce chemical, energy and water usage, and provide healthier and safer food products with DEL system solutions. Ozone is an FDA, USDA & USDA-Organic approved antimicrobial food additive and surface sanitizer.

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