DEL Ozone provides food safety solutions designed to seamlessly integrate ozone sanitation into food production and processing operations. Through applications specialized for every type and stage of food processing, DEL can help improve food safety and product quality while increasing productivity in existing operations or new facilities. Our solutions include a wide range of in-process food contact and surface sanitation systems, complete facility-wide sanitation, as well as ozone systems for cold storage.

Backed by DEL’s 37 years of experience, our sales and engineering teams work with food processing operations and facility personnel to determine the optimal ozone system; ensuring food safety, cost effectiveness, ease of operation, and seamless integration into the standard commerce of the facility.

DEL food safety solutions include: System design and regulatory compliance consultation, ozone generation and ozone management equipment, filtration and ancillary components, installation & integration with facility controls, operator/maintenance training, staff safety training, and on-site service.

DEL’s food safety solutions enhance the facility’s established HACCP plan to help achieve critical control point objectives on the most efficient terms for the operation.

  • Analysis and objectives specification: The definition of the processing parameters, including type of food product, food-specific contaminants and flavor threats, plant layout and processing methods, packaging methods, and time to market can all affect how the ozone sanitation system is designed.
  • Design: DEL engineering designs systems to meet the facilities food safety objectives. DEL considers worker safety and process requirements, water and power supply, and operation parameters, to achieve an optimal food safety solution.
  • Manufacture and installation: Each ozone system is tailored to the existing food processing operation. DEL systems are flexible to meet the conditions in every plant, from simple but powerful mobile spray systems to installed and fully integrated spray, flume or immersion systems built into the processing line. Where precision-controlled gaseous ozone is called for, DEL ozone systems meet the safety and efficacy requirements for controlled access and non-controlled access environments. DEL can provide individual regionally located systems as well as complex centralized systems. All DEL ozone systems utilize integrated program, diagnostic and monitoring controls for real-time programming, auditing and long-term documentation.
  • Commissioning: After installation, the systems are commissioned by DEL engineers, optimizing the system in-place. During this phase, DEL provides comprehensive training in operations, maintenance and troubleshooting to direct operators and maintenance personnel.
  • Monitoring: DEL works with facility personnel to monitor operational parameters to ensure the ozone system is always working to its design parameters.
  • Service: DEL service is factory-authorized or direct from DEL. Long-term service and maintenance can be performed by DEL direct service personnel, factory-authorized service personnel, trained plant maintenance personnel or any combination of these, to ensure minimal production time loss.

We understand that in a complex food processing and marketing operation, food safety is a critical element. With DEL Ozone you have a partner in the continual effort to deliver the safest and highest quality food products while reducing operating costs. DEL helps to meet these goals, while improving efficiency and plant throughput.