Safe Sustainable Sanitation Program

Food processing facilities strive to have the freshest and safest products available to their customers. This is accomplished through strategic processing and sanitation planning, as well as having a comprehensive HACCP plan in place. In addition, today’s food processors are also tasked with achieving exceptional food quality standards while maintaining sustainable practices, which may include reduced water, energy and chemical consumption. Safe Sustainable Sanitation™ is the hallmark of all food processing facilities.

DEL Ozone Food Safety Solutions helps food processors meet their goal to provide safer food products, while helping to fulfill their responsibility to carry out sustainable production practices. By reducing their use of chemicals, energy and water, and concurrently providing healthier and safer food products, processors can benefit twofold: consumers are provided healthier and fresher food with less chemical residual, and secondly, commercial businesses are recognized for reducing their carbon footprint.

DEL Ozone Food Safety Solutions' Safe Sustainable, Sanitation™ Program mark provides food processors an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices and food safety. By displaying the Safe Sustainable Sanitation mark, food processors are letting consumers know they are setting the standard for innovative processes and are committed to continuing their pursuit of improving quality.

The use of the Safe Sustainable Sanitation logo provides many benefits to food processors:

  • Recognition that the products are processed with an added commitment to quality
  • Acknowledgement of the processor’s sustainable practices
  • Validation that the processor is supplying safer food products with less chemicals and pesticides


Use of the Safe Sustainable Sanitation logo is recommended on:

  • Shipping or display containers and packages
  • Product literature
  • Promotional literature
  • Advertising literature
  • Website
  • Displays


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