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Welcome to DEL Food Safety Solutions

Want a quick summary of what DEL Ozone Food Safety Solutions can offer your food processing and packaging facility? Take a couple of minutes to watch our informational video on the left to familiarize yourself with the benefits of ozone sanitation and our advanced ozone technology solutions (or click on the button below).


DEL Ozone has been designing and manufacturing innovative sanitation technology in the U.S. since 1975. DEL provides the food processor field-proven, high-tech ozone solutions, from the design phase through equipment implementation, operation, monitoring and ongoing in-plant services. DEL’s team of professional design and implementation engineers provide turnkey ozone food safety solutions, which are continuously updated to seamlessly integrate into standard processes for even the most sensitive food environment.


Advantages of Ozone Sanitation

Ozone is a safe and sustainable sanitizer/disinfectant utilized for direct food contact and no-rinse sanitation for food contact and non-food contact surfaces in either its aqueous or gaseous form. During processing, ozone can be used as a continuous antimicrobial aqueous spray on food, while simultaneously sanitizing surfaces such as conveyor belts, resulting in extremely clean process lines and extended run times; significantly reducing downtime for cleaning and sanitizing. More »

DEL Food Safety Expertise

DEL was the first to develop and market ozone systems designed specifically for Food Safety applications, shortly after ozone’s original GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) Affirmation in 1998 (prior to the FDA’s final ruling in June of 2001). During these early years, DEL was instrumental in working closely with EPA, USDA, USDA-Organic and FDA to determine the best implementation of ozone in a variety of food processing applications. More »